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Change Management







Change management is a systematic approach to organisational changes. Executive leaders, managers and front line employees cooperate to successfully carry out the strategic, technological and organizational changes needed to comply with the
business goals.


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NEW: bovacon Brand and Marketing Clinics




» Brand Experience Health Check

Corporate Image is often reduced to brand attributes and colorful images. But this is not enough. We believe the brand is created by perception and the Brand Experience Health Check makes this perception visible:
» Where is your brand now?
» Where do you want it to be?
» How is it perceived by the customers and employees? How do they experience it through various customer and employee touch points?
» How do you want your brand to be perceived by the customers and employees?
» Do you know how to bring it there?


» Brand and Marketing Process Health Check

Managing the brand and marketing means having required processes. Not necessarily complex, written or ISO certified.
» Do you have brand and marketing processes at all?
» How efficient and mature are they?
» How do you measure up to industry best practices?
» How can you improve time to market and market acceptance for products and services?
» How can you improve collaboration among stakeholders?


» Brand and Marketing Process Consulting

Based on our health check and delivered recommendations we detail concepts and methods to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the processes:
» Making the brand vision reality by implementing the roadmap.
» Establishing customer feedback.
» Shortening marketing campaign process.
» Improving the collaboration among stakeholders.
» Supporting or managing the implementation of the processes and change.


» Brand and Marketing Management System

Not always necessary, but often a major improvement – a collaboration and workflow management tool to support the brand and marketing management processes. We provide:
» Comparison of the systems on the market with regard to functionality and user experience – usability.
» Help you choose the BMM-System that best matches your needs.
» A “BMMS Reference Architecture” defining how a best-practice BMMS should look like, both from functional and user experience perspective.








Our consultants worked on the projects for:
» SAP NetWeaver and SAP University
» IconMedialab AG Germany
» NeoMotion GmbH, Germany
» Baan, the Netherlands
» Rolex, Switzerland
» Siemens AG, Germany
» A large insurance company, Germany
and a number of other clients.
We also regularly present at conferences and publish professional articles.







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