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Interaction Design







Interaction Design is concerned with the creation of an efficient dialogue and communication among humans, intelligent products and environments.


Photo Interaction Design


Contextual analysis and design



/// What is it? ///
A structured way of analysing user context of work and usage of the system.


/// Our offer ///
We identify user requirements and needs, workflows and artefacts, all resulting in a proper functional design.


Interaction architecture



/// What is it? ///
A collection of static and dynamic representations of how the user interacts with the system and flows, allowing exact modelling of the usage of the system.


/// Our offer ///
We design detailed flows and interaction patterns which can be immediately evaluated by clients and users. We compose probability and other performance measures allowing us to asses the usage of the system.


Rapid prototyping



/// What is it? ///
Rapid prototyping has proven to be an essential method to quickly and cheaply iterate the product design until the desired and needed quality is achieved.
The prototypes may be evaluated with the users and experts thus allowing for a quick feedback.


/// Our offer ///
During the prototyping activity, we work with various methods, such as:
Paper prototypes
Feedback analysis
3-D modelling


Usability testing and expert evaluation



/// What is it? ///
Usability testing is nowadays a widely established method to evaluate interactive products for usability and user experience.


/// Our offer ///
We offer international usability testing from test planning and user recruitment, test conduction and documentation, to the analysis of results and usable recommendations.
Our expert reviews focus on all aspects of user experience, such as emotional acceptance, user task fulfilment ratio, compliance to standards and guidelines and best practices in branding, visual design usability.



Our consultants worked on projects for:
SAP AG, Germany
NeoMotion GmbH, Germany
Vodafone AG, Germany
In other Words, Israel
Bentley College, USA
Hewlett-Packard, USA
Lafarge, Germany
Rolex, Switzerland
Siemens AG, Germany
Baan, the Netherlands
Wunderman, Germany
Saatchi&Saatchi, Germany

and a number of other clients.
We also regularly present at conferences and publish professional articles.







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