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Knowledge Engineering







Knowledge engineering is a set of activities aimed to identify, codify, manage and disseminate knowledge to persons who need it.


Photo Knowledge Engineering


Information visualisation



/// What is it? ///
Gathering data as a basis for a measurement is done in most organizations. The challenge is how to interpret and present data in order to enable business decisions.


/// Our offer ///
We use descriptive and inferential statistics combined with modern visualisation methods to make sense out of data and facilitate human exploration and decision making.


Information architecture



/// What is it? ///
Information architecture is the art and science of structuring information to facilitate access to information and to support learning and task completion.


/// Our offer ///
We conduct task and information needs analysis which helps us structure the information so that it can be easily and accessed and found by the user. We design information portals, intranets, eCommerce sites, sitemaps as well as labeling and navigation systems.


Knowledge communication and management



/// What is it? ///
Knowledge as the critical productive factor and value of today's economy needs to be disseminated to where it is needed within your business.
Who needs what kind of information, when, how long? What is the best way to get this information?
When should information be turned into knowledge and how?


/// Our offer ///
We conduct an assessment of the information needs and flows in the organization and create knowledge maps. In workshops with our client we design the information flows and tools to support them.


Learning Organizations and Architectures



/// What is it? ///
Knowledge is not a static entity residing in individual heads but a practical resource for action that needs to be developed across the company.
Strategic learning architectures deal with regeneration of knowledge of individuals, workgroups and the organisation as a whole.


/// Our offer ///
In order to facilitate knowledge transfer, we design and implement learning concepts and systems, using best practices from:

Blended learning
Expert networks
On-the-job education
eLearning & cognitive tools



Our consultants worked on projects for:
Rolex, Switzerland
IconMedialab AG, Germany
Baan, the Netherlands
and a number of other clients.
We also regularly present at conferences and publish professional articles.







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