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Process Engineering







Process engineering focuses on the design and implementation of specific business processes. These processes serve as a basis for organizational design, training of employees and the design of the supporting information systems.


Photo Process Engineering


Marketing campaign design and implementation process



/// What is it? ///
Marketing campaign design and implementation is often associated with stress, chaos and communication problems. What are the goals? Who should be involved? To whom is the campaign addressed? How to provide for global and local audience? Which parts can be localized and which not?


/// Our offer ///
We have improved marketing processes in several large companies by:

Assessing the current marketing process and finding out the areas of improvement.
Conducting a series of workshops with the client to redesign the process and set the new goals.
Managing the new process implementation, including training and monitoring.
Designing new tools to support the process.


Software engineering process



/// What is it? ///
Software development is mixture of an art and manufacturing. What does the user need and want? How to specify this? How to get from requirements to specifications? How to assure quality?


/// Our offer ///
We have expertise in the Unified Process (UP), project management, requirements analysis and management, Object-Oriented Modelling, user centred design, testing.


Innovation Management



/// What is it? ///
Fostering and managing innovation is one of the key abilities for the organization to survive in the future. Nobody knows the problems in the organization better than own employees and nobody wants to resolve them more than they do.


/// Our offer ///
We help you define methods to foster innovation by establishing working groups, managing the results and ensuring employee recognition.


Localization and translation process



/// What is it? ///
Designing and selling products for global, but yet local markets is a challenge. Which parts of the product should be the same everywhere and which should be localized? How to localize? How to work with a localization vendor?


/// Our offer ///
We help determine the needs and requirements of the local market, help you establish a localization process and find the right localization vendor.



Our consultants worked on projects for:
msg Systems AG, Germany
SAP AG, Germany
Rolex, Switzerland
Siemens AG, Germany
Baan, the Netherlands
A large German insurance company
A banking software development company
A large manufacturer of home appliances
and a number of other clients.
We also regularly present at conferences and publish professional articles.







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