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We base our work on a flexible network of consultants with various expertise needed, based in various countries. In this way we can put together the best team to fulfill the needs of the project. Through strong project management we ensure high quality, on-time and on budget fulfillment.




Deutsche Telekom Laboratories






  • Scouting for new developments in ICT in Japan and initiation of first German-Japanese contacts for research and development in telecommunication
  • Writing management summary profiles on upcoming technologies for the Technology Radar.
  • Expert study on impacts of Aging Society for telecommunication business including literature study, expert interviews, user studies.
  • Participation in a project trying to harmonize interaction logic across services and devices.




SAP/Holger Manske & Partner


  • SAP Passau /// Define program and project management methodology.
  • SAP NetWeaver /// Management and change consulting in a merge of two large departments in order to develop the NetWeaver product.
  • SAP NetWeaver /// Change management consulting and team development for the NetWeaver Product Management team.
  • SAP University /// Program management for the "Global curriculum for developers".
  • SAP University /// Manage a project to define and implement a new role "Solution Architect".
  • SAP University /// Manage a project to define the new curricula and educational structure for developers.






  • We work on a number of projects for a major mobile services provider.
  • Functional and Interface design for the global address book.
  • User experience evaluation of new mobile messaging concepts.
  • International usability testing in four countries of the global mobile payment product.
  • Redesign of the payment product based on the learnings from the usability testing.
  • Expert evaluation of several prototypes for various services.
  • Design and implementation of interactive Flash prototypes and demos.
  • Large evaluation of the most popular content adaptation solutions for mobile devices.






  • Participation in the design and implementation of the IconProcess.
  • Training and coaching of IconMedialab consultants.
  • Work on several international projects for large Fortune 500 and several dot-com companies.




Bentley College USA


  • Presentations on international usability and localization issues.
  • Regular participation at the Bentley Collegue Usability Bootcamp Expert Panel.




Wunderman AG


  • Conceptual redesign of a reach-media inflight entertainment system for a large airline.
  • Redesign of the engagement model between two business units of a major software manufacturer and design of a supporting intranet tool.
  • Evaluation and design of several online marketing and communication concepts.
  • Design of a e-commerce shop for a major airline with special focus on branding and usability.
  • Design of a partner portal for a major airline including integration of several existing extranets and portals.
  • Design and implementation of a sales online training game for a major software manufacturer.





Saatchi & Saatchi GmbH


  • Provided support in e-business strategy planning and execution for a Saatchi client.
  • Detailed personalization concepts for a large online community site.
  • Conceptualized and developed detail information architecture for tools and services on the community site.







  • Roll-out of an USA-based online bank to a German market.
  • Adaptation of the brand to the German market.
  • Continuous marketing research.
  • Consolidation of customer-oriented banking processes.
  • Conceptual and visual design support for the complete online presence.




msg systems AG


  • Consulting and coaching on software engineering with a focus on project management, requirements analysis, use cases and OO-Modelling at a large software development project for an insurance company.
  • Participation in development of the PROFI software engineering process at msg.
  • Conducted several training seminars on iterative project management.
  • Design of a GPM-based project management curriculum with 5 modules, covering all project methods and practices.




In other Words, Israel


  • Conducted several workshops and trainings for the clients of In Other Worlds on user interface design.




Lafarge Roofing - now MONIER


  • Project management, process support and functional testing of a new release of the Lafarge international websites.
  • Project management for the international roll-out of the Lafarge Roofing/MONIER e-Commerce website.
  • Requirements analysis, information architecture and interface design for the Lafarge Roofing e-Commerce website.
  • Concept and evaluation of an online roof configurator.
  • Ongoing e-Business consulting.






  • Analysis and redesign of the marketing campaign development and management processes. Focus on international development and localization support.
  • Design of an Extranet tool to enable and support the new marketing process.






  • Participation at the strategic usability initiative to establish usability in the company's development process.






  • Interface, documentation and online help design for the HP OmniBack II, HP OmniBack Light, HP OpenSpool products.
  • Usability consulting for the above mentioned products.
  • Participation in the HP strategic UI initiative.








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