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The experience users have with interactive systems is crucial for their productivity and satisfaction. We ask users to question products. We design products and interfaces for mobile devices, desktop and web applications, multi-media exhibitions, and real world interaction systems.


Photo User Experience


Research-Driven Innovation



/// What is it? ///
Innovation is based on creative ideas and deep knowledge of user activity and desire.
User research may drive innovation.


/// Our offer ///
Involving stakeholders as well as street life we generate ideas and evaluate market potenials. Future studies, contextual inquiry and processing off the beaten track drive innovation.
Our User Radar is dedicated to current preferences, upcoming needs, emerging situations, up to future systems of interactive conduct. We
Agile methodologies allow us to analyze existing services and prototypes from ordinary points of view, and to generate product and service innovation.


Requirements analysis and functional design



/// What is it? ///
Requirements analysis and functional design deal with identifying, structuring and describing the needed behaviour of the system to meet user needs.
Understanding the market and the users is essential for successful product design.


/// Our offer ///
To explore what your potential users need and appreciate, we apply a range of methodologies like contextual inquiry, workplace and field studies with observation, interviews and focus groups, questionnaires.
To our client we don't provide just qualitative and quantitative data, but actionable recommendations on product design, such us user profiles, user tasks matrix, use cases and usage scenarios.


Interaction and information architecture



/// What is it? ///
From a user's point of view, interactive products and services rely not only on a well-structured information architecture, but need to provide an accessible space that enables interaction.


/// Our offer ///
We design interaction and information patterns and architectures that enable usage of the system. Knowledge of user tasks and mental models, together with various techniques enable us to define the best possible experience for the user.


Content collection, creation and management



/// What is it? ///
Content still is the major reason for users to access information portals. Its creation and management causes most work and costs. Although content management systems (CMS) simplify content related activities, they still need to be supported by a sound process.


/// Our offer ///
We offer services and consulting on:
Initial content analysis and gathering.
Content structuring and information design.
Content adjustment to the new media.
Design of content creation and management processes.


Creative approach



/// What is it? ///
Developing a creative approach to interface design combines requirements of branding and aesthetics with the users' perception and cognition. It makes use of moods, colour, layout and typography studies to ensure aesthetics in a usable context.


/// Our offer ///
We develop style guides, interface visual elements, such as icons and forms.
Where appropriate, we create advanced multimedia content and animations.


Usability testing and expert evaluation



/// What is it? ///
Usability testing is nowadays a widely established method to evaluate interactive products for usability and user experience.


/// Our offer ///
We offer international usability testing from test planning and user recruitment, to testing and documentation, to the analysis of results and usable recommendations.
Our expert reviews focus on all aspects of user experience, such as emotional acceptance, user tasks fulfilment ratio, compliance to standards and guidelines and best practices in branding, visual design usability.



Our consultants worked on projects for:
Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Germany
Waseda University, Japan
SAP AG, Germany
NeoMotion GmbH, Germany
Vodafone AG, Germany
In other Words, Israel
Bentley College, USA
Hewlett-Packard, USA
Rolex, Switzerland
Lafarge, Germany
Siemens AG, Germany
Baan, the Netherlands
and a number of other clients.
We also regularly present at conferences and publish professional articles.






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